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Working with Erin has been one of the best decisions that I have made this past year. We’ve worked to explore stress reduction and management, health, lifestyle and habits and many subjects in between. I realized early on that I no longer want to just brace myself during times of stress, and Erin has helped me to create habits where I can survive  -and thrive- while dealing with it all. On top of that, she is just about the loveliest person ever. — Elizabeth

Erin is the most supportive, holistic (in every sense of the word) health care practitioner I have ever worked with. It’s amazing to work with someone who completely understands issues surrounding PMS and is there to guide me through empowering lifestyle changes. — Mari

I had been dealing with digestive issues my entire life. After years of trying everything I could think of I had become resolved to the idea that things weren’t going to change. After hearing about Erin’s work from a friend who had a successful experience I decided to give her a call.

She was extremely patient as she listened to what I had been going through. I made an appointment to visit her office- a very clean and safe space- and we began treatment. I learned what my body’s constitution was and how to best treat myself. Unlike american medicine- there is no ‘one size fits all’ in ayurveda. Your treatment plan is completely customized to what your needs are and the needs of your body make up.

The difference in my digestive system is night and day after visiting Erin and I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking into ayurveda give Erin a call. You won’t regret it! — Kate

Erin has offered me the best support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and post-partum period. I would highly recommend consulting with Erin for any health related issues and especially issues relating to women’s health. Thank you Erin for everything! — Heather

Erin is amazing! She has helped me emotionally and physically reach new places in my health that I would have never been able to without her. She is open and exceptionally easy to talk to. No topic is off limits. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and really listens to how you feel and what you want from your practice with her. When we do touch on more far reaching topics, by the time we meet again she has done research, read entire books, and found new answers for me! Whether you are looking to improve digestive health, reproductive health, mental health, etc… She really does it all and does it well. I am so grateful to her! — Helen


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