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CC image courtesy of *Kicki* on Flickr

CC image courtesy of *Kicki* on Flickr

Ever since I began studying Ayurveda, I’ve found it odd that people allow themselves extra sleep, comfort foods and general coziness in November and December and then when January comes along, all those things go out the window.

In the new year, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the myriad promises of a brighter, shinier you. People embark on rigid diets, commit to intense workout regimens and deny themselves the sensory pleasures of the previous months.

You know what? The only thing that has changed is the number on the calendar.

The weather certainly hasn’t changed, and the body’s needs for warmth, nourishment and grounding (to fortify the immune system and insulate against the cold) haven’t changed either. (more…)

There are some very brave and inspiring talks emerging from the TedxFiDiWomen event here in San Francisco last week. I’m especially excited to share Lissa Rankin’s talk with you. Lissa’s message has me fired me up because it so beautifully illustrates the principles of Ayurveda. Guess what? Scientists are finally beginning to accept an idea that traditional holistic healing systems have understood for thousands of years: when it comes to real health, your work life, environment, relationships, emotions, creativity, sexuality and spirituality all matter!

Ultimately, real health *is* an inside job. It’s about learning how to listen to the still, small voice of your authentic self. Although it can sometimes be tough to hear above the roar of daily life, it’s always there. My goal is to help you tune into that inner wisdom and support you through the process of building a life that honors what’s true for you. I’m reminded of this quote by Anaïs Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” It can be pretty scary to begin this process of unfolding…but when you consider the alternative, what have you got to lose?