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Please note: I am on extended maternity leave for the rest of 2016. Thank you!

Are you looking for a practitioner who will listen deeply to your health concerns and partner with you to address the root causes?

Given all the information people now have at their fingertips, you’d think it would be relatively straightforward to find solutions to common health problems. Unfortunately there’s a lot of confusing and contradictory advice out there — especially about food, digestion and women’s health.

Even if you do muster up the courage to discuss your concerns with your doctor, many practitioners speed through their appointments, only to write a prescription and tell you there’s not much else they can offer.

Does any of this sound familiar? Without a good support system, it’s easy to get discouraged about your health and wonder if you’ll just have to learn to cope with the discomfort. I’ve been there too, and it sucks.

I help women address the root causes of ongoing health issues so they can feel at home in their bodies again. I specialize in working with women who want to heal their digestion, reduce stress or address hormonal imbalances like PMS, painful periods, acne, irregular cycles and more.

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Learn how my own health issues ignited my passion for Ayurveda and holistic women’s health.

Intro sessionDuring this 45-minute phone call, we’ll discuss your current health challenges and goals. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about my practice and see if we’re a good fit before officially signing up to work with me.

EventsI teach a variety of workshops and classes both here in San Francisco and online. Check out the calendar to see what’s coming up. I’d love to meet you at a future event!

Erin is amazing! She has helped me emotionally and physically reach new places in my health that I would have never been able to without her. She is open and exceptionally easy to talk to. No topic is off limits. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and really listens to how you feel and what you want from your practice with her. – Helen

The difference in my digestive system is night and day after visiting Erin and I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking into Ayurveda give Erin a call. You won’t regret it! – Kate

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